How did the US Government deal with the Great Depression? Lesson resources

These resources are designed for a GCSE class and focus on the US government’s policies on handling the Great Depression. The tasks focus upon the policies of Herbert Hoover and the tasks includes a starter, plenary, a card sort and a source based task.

Hope they are useful.

Great Depression and the US government

How did the American government tackle the Great Depression worksheet

Make your own crossword – a quick and easy plenary

This activity was inspired by the activities from the University of the First Age’s One Hundred BITES, which is a magnificent publication brimming with superb ideas which can enhance any classroom.

This plenary involves asking students to first pick a number. I do this by asking a student to throw a 12 sided dice – adds a bit of randomness and participation. With this number, students have to list that number of words down that sum up the content of the lesson. With these words, students have to create a crossword pattern in their books ensuring that all the words fit together.

The activity helps students to sum up the lesson in an attractive way as well as help check spellings of key words. If there s time, I ask students to present their ‘crosswords’ to their learning partner and see who has made the most links between the words.


A touch of Scrabble – a fantastic plenary

This plenary was inspired by @ASTSupportAAli’s toolkit of teaching ideas – – which is full of great ideas and really worth a visit. Take this link to what inspired the activity –  …  One of these ideas is using the principles of Scrabble to promote and compare key words that help summarise students’ learning. This activity asks students to come up with key words from the lesson and then use the letter points system in Scrabble to work out how much each word is worth promoting discussion and comparison with an edge of competition included if you can see who has got the word with the highest points score.

Plenary – a touch of Scrabble


Stack of Marking

No, not that kind. Although I do love that kind.

I had a teacher friend who once said ‘If you have to shout, you’ve already lost.’ She got run over by a bus. Sad really. I was there and I tried to warn her but apparently standing in silence with your arm in the air waiting for someone to notice you just doesn’t cut the mustard in some situations.

I like shouting. I’m good at it too. I’ve got a range of different ones that I can use in any particular situation.

I’ve got Rising Tide where I talk very softly then rapidly reach a crescendo at the end of a sentence in case they continue to TALK OVER ME!

I’ve got The Pistol Shrimp: a short, one syllable ‘HEY!’ designed to incapacitate the victim or at least temporarily stop them from doing something nasty or daft .


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