Representations of the Gestapo – questioning scenes with Toht in Raiders of the Lost Ark

With the current controlled coursework task, my students need to include representations in their writing. One representation of the Gestapo I am using is from Raiders of the Lost ark with two scenes featuring the Gestapo agent, Toht, played by the wonderful Ronald Lacey. The two scenes are his first major scene in the bar leading to his burnt hand and the other is the famed ‘coat hanger’ scene. Both are available on You Tube.

These comic strip resources intend to prompt students into asking questions of the scenes to unwrap their meaning of the representation. Here they stick them into their books – printed A5 size – and write their answers around the visual resource by the relevant question. Thought I would share these.



Why was there little opposition to the Nazi regime lesson resources

This PowerPoint and worksheet make up a lesson focused upon the reasons why there was limited opposition to the Nazi regime within Germany.

Little opposition to Hitler

Why was there so little opposition to the Nazis starter worksheet