US tactics in Vietnam War visual exercise using Moldiv app

I am investigating different ways in using the Moldiv app to create visual resources for lessons. This one is an activity in which students are given the topic – in this case US tactics in Vietnam – and they are given six images which they have to identify which tactic it refers to. Could be an effective starter or plenary exercise.


Vietnam War independent learning/revision menu

Here is another menu of independent learning and revision tasks – this time on the Vietnam War. This is focused for GCSE students and I am going to hand these out during Parents Evening, so parents have an idea of what tasks students can do at home to reinforce their learning, but also know that there is always something to do in preparation for the exams.

The Vietnam War menu plan

Vietnam War Top Trumps cards resources

This is a set of blank Top Trumps cards on the Vietnam War topic. Geared for GCSE students, students need to fill in the blank criteria and make judgements on how each factor or feature of the Vietnam War would fit in each criteria. Good for revision or an overview lesson. Some effective questions to ask students once they have completed and played with their cards would be –

Which card is the strongest? Explain your answer.

Which card is the weakest? Explain your answer.

What criteria have you chosen and why?

The Vietnam War Top Trumps GCSE revision