US combat problems in Vietnam lesson resources

These lesson resources focus upon the US troops faced in Vietnam with a PowerPoint presentation containing a starter, plenary extension task and main lesson content and a worksheet containing the main lesson task.

US problems in Vietnam worksheet

US problems in Vietnam

Why did America get involved in Vietnam? Lesson resources

These lesson resources which consist of a PowerPoint presentation which contains the key information, starter, plenary and main tasks focus on the reasons why the USA got involved in Vietnam. It focuses on the events between 1945 and 1964.

Vietnam up to 1964

USA causes in Vietnam

Vietnam War independent learning/revision menu

Here is another menu of independent learning and revision tasks – this time on the Vietnam War. This is focused for GCSE students and I am going to hand these out during Parents Evening, so parents have an idea of what tasks students can do at home to reinforce their learning, but also know that there is always something to do in preparation for the exams.

The Vietnam War menu plan