Revision task menu

This revision task menu is similar to the learning grid based on the work by Tom Brush and written about elsewhere on this blog – The menu is made up of nine varied revision tasks which students can be applied to many topics regardless of subject and level of study. How the tasks are chosen is entirely up to the teacher and the class. Either students can choose freely which type of task to complete or the tasks can be selected at random, using dice or other ways to choose the task.

The revision task menu can be used as a focus for a revision session or set as homework where students have to complete a set number of revision tasks from the menu. To add competition and focus, points could be attached to the revision tasks based on difficulty and students could be set a target to reach a number of points based on their completion. How they reach that number is entirely up to the student in terms of the combination of tasks they complete to reach their target.

Tackling the follow up the source 4 mark questions in the Edexcel GCSE Thematic Study and Historical Environment Paper

These resources are for a seminar on how to deal with the 4 mark follow up the source questions which focus on the historical environment topic in the Edexcel GCSE course. This is an unusual question for a GCSE History paper as it requires a response to be recorded in a table rather than in prose.  The resources include a PowerPoint which gives detailed guidance and a model answer with three mock questions which students can attempt within the session.

Follow up sources question model answer

Following up sources about the Blitz – 4 markers