Directory of Kahoot quizzes for the Britain, 1890-1930 GCSE topic

These Kahoot! quizzes are all related to the GCSE topic – Britain – 1890-1930. Great for revision in the classroom or for students independently test knowledge as part of a revision programme.

Liberal Reforms

Votes for Women

The Western Front

British Home Front During the First World War

The Battle of the Somme

The General Strike


Directory of Kahoot quizzes for The USA, 1918-41 GCSE topic

These Kahoot quizzes cover the popular GCSE topic – The USA, 1918 to 1941. Ideal for a revision resource in lessons or for students to use independently outside the classroom.

The Prosperous 1920s


Intolerance in 1920s America

The Causes of the Great Depression

The Great Depression

Roosevelt and the New Deal


 GCSE knowledge organisers for revision

I used these knowledge organisers last year for the GCSE topics – Britain, 1890-1930, The Cold War and The USA, 1918-41 – and they proved to be very helpful in the final run-in for the exams. Thought they would be useful and are easy to adapt for other topics.

GCSE Revision Session worksheet – May 2016

GCSE Revision Session worksheet – May 2016 Britain

GCSE Revision Session worksheet – May 2016 The USA

Directory of Cold War Kahoot! quizzes

As part of the revision process, I have been using Kahoot! quizzes with my GCSE classes and they absolutely love them. Kahoot! is such an excellent site to design engaging quizzes, games and surveys. The links below all lead you to my quizzes on different aspects of the Cold War. I will add more once they are written and hope that they are useful for your classes.


The Creation of the Berlin Wall

The Causes of the Cuban Missile Crisis

The Cuban Missile Crisis


Prague Spring

Soviet Invasion of Czechoslovakia

Reagan and ‘the Evil Empire’

Gorbachev – Glasnost and Perestroika