A touch of Scrabble – a fantastic plenary

This plenary was inspired by @ASTSupportAAli’s toolkit of teaching ideas – http://cheneyagilitytoolkit.blogspot.co.uk/ – which is full of great ideas and really worth a visit. Take this link to what inspired the activity – http://cheneyagilitytoolkit.blogspot.co.uk/2013/07/scrabble-tiles.html  …  One of these ideas is using the principles of Scrabble to promote and compare key words that help summarise students’ learning. This activity asks students to come up with key words from the lesson and then use the letter points system in Scrabble to work out how much each word is worth promoting discussion and comparison with an edge of competition included if you can see who has got the word with the highest points score.

Plenary – a touch of Scrabble

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