Stack of Marking

No, not that kind. Although I do love that kind.

I had a teacher friend who once said ‘If you have to shout, you’ve already lost.’ She got run over by a bus. Sad really. I was there and I tried to warn her but apparently standing in silence with your arm in the air waiting for someone to notice you just doesn’t cut the mustard in some situations.

I like shouting. I’m good at it too. I’ve got a range of different ones that I can use in any particular situation.

I’ve got Rising Tide where I talk very softly then rapidly reach a crescendo at the end of a sentence in case they continue to TALK OVER ME!

I’ve got The Pistol Shrimp: a short, one syllable ‘HEY!’ designed to incapacitate the victim or at least temporarily stop them from doing something nasty or daft .


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