Golden years of the Weimar Republic word cloud

This word cloud contains words that are linked to the golden years of the Weimar Republic – 1924-29 – and is the shape of the leading politician of the day, Gustav Stresemann.

Golden years of the Weimar Republic Tagxedo image

Yalta and Potsdam Conferences Learning Grid

Have decided on which plenary or reveiw task to include in my lesson on the Wartime Conferences. So in addition to the word cloud I posted yesterday here is a learning grid on the Yalta and Potsdam Conferences. I will decide on which one to use next week. In the meantime, I hope this is useful to someone.

Wartime Conferences mixed doubles board

Yalta and Potsdam Conferences word cloud

Just about to teach the wartime conferences at Yalta and Potsdam after Half Term and am in the process of revamping the resources for this lesson. Part of this is creating this word cloud of key words relating to the conferences in the shape of Stalin – who attended both conferences. Thought I would share and hope this resource is of use to someone.

Conferences word cloud


Learning Reporters – a peer assessment strategy

In my last lesson observation – which was for a Year 12 lesson, a target that was set for improvement was to increase opportunities for peer assessment. After doing a quick sport of research, I have come up with this strategy in order to improve peer assessment opportunities in my lesson. This idea taken from a number of sources and involves appointing a student in your lesson as a ‘learning report’ they would have a record sheet [which is available from the link below] and make observations about progress and would be asked to summarise the lesson at the end. To help them do this, they would have the lesson objectives as well as a mark scheme of the course [which they already have in their student guidebooks – but always good to give them spares as a reminder].

My first thoughts on how to do this would be to create a rota so every student would have the opportunity to do this over a period of time as well as I would take time at the beginning of launching this strategy to explain and outline the expectations of this new feature in our lessons.

This is very much a blog post in development and would invite suggestions and ideas on how to implement this. This blog post will change over time when I implement this strategy and update on its impact on my classes.

Learning Reporter record sheet


Going to launch Learning Reporters with my Year 12 class tomorrow. Have created this PowerPoint presentation to outline the new strategy and way of working. Feel free to use.

Learning reporters

Which step have you reached today? – a great poster for student reflection

Saw this poster on Twitter from @QuoteImages and thought it was a great resource for the classroom to use on display and to refer to when you want students to identify what stage they felt they had reached in your lesson – which they then had to explain why. Very much like the Progress Tree from Jim Smith’s Follow Me I’m Right Behind You – Progress the Lazy Way and, therefore, can be used like the Progress Tree as it is a fantastic visual representation of different stages of progress as well as emotions that students may feel in your lesson. This can also be a ready-made plenary –
• Which person on the staircase best represents your learning in this lesson?
• Which person represents a better position for you?
• What are you going to do to try and reach the top of the staircase next time if you are not there already?
• What is going to stop you falling to the bottom of the staircase?