The ingredients of a brilliant revision programme article

To accompany the release of my first book – 100 Ideas for Secondary School Teachers: Revision- I wrote an article for Bloomsbury Education’s blog. If you are interested in having a read follow the link below and hope you find it of interest.


Response to feedback from assessment sheets

Posting on Twitter my response to feedback sheets which students completed from their marked mock examination papers, saw a number of requests to share on the blog, so here they are …….

Breadth Study Mock Examination Performance Evaluation

British Study Mock Examination Performance Evaluation

Depth Study Mock Examination Performance Evaluation

Although these are for a History GCSE mock exam, they can be easily adapted to subject demands. The form consists of a space for students to record name, overall grade, grade for the specific paper and minimum target grades. The main part of the form is made up of a grid which is divided by grade, and then further divided by the different skill descriptors required to reach that grade. Students will be expected to read their feedback and then respond to it by ticking the relevant boxes on the grid which mark the skills they need to develop to improve upon their current performance. Students can use this for the exercise in the  box beneath the grid to record what actions they are going to do to improve upon their assessment performance. Also, having the skills descriptors set out this like can also help the marking process by giving the teacher a useful rubric of language which can be used to feedback to students.