The New Deal and unemployment and industry visual resource

This resource can be used in a variety of ways as a summary exercise on a lesson covering the New Deal and unemployment and industry. For example – 

– Students can write a summary of the lesson using all four images as prompts.

– Students can identify the odd photo out and justify it.

– Students can identify the links between the photos like a visual hexagon activity. 

– Students can use the photos to plan an answer to the central question outlined in the resource.


How did the US Government deal with the Great Depression? Lesson resources

These resources are designed for a GCSE class and focus on the US government’s policies on handling the Great Depression. The tasks focus upon the policies of Herbert Hoover and the tasks includes a starter, plenary, a card sort and a source based task.

Hope they are useful.

Great Depression and the US government

How did the American government tackle the Great Depression worksheet