Shock and awe – Invasion of Iraq lesson resources

These resources are for a lesson on the Invasion of Iraq in 2003 for a GCSE class. Written as part of a sequence of lesson son the topic Warfare Through Time. I just feel old teaching  a lesson on this … in 2003, I was still in the same classroom as I am now!

Invasion of Iraq

Tackling the Comparison 4 mark question for the thematic paper in Edexcel GCSE History lesson resources

The initial 4 mark judgement question at the beginning of the thematic paper for the Edexcel GCSE course can make or break a student’s performance. Here is a PowerPoint I use for a lesson which focuses purely on the techniques needed to produce a successful answer for this demanding question. Not only is there a PowerPoint but also the structure strips students can use to support them writing their answer as well as a model paragraph for students to rainbow mark.

Model paragraph – 4 marker

Structure strips – comparison 4 markers

Exploring similarities and differences – 4 markers