A statue for who? A review lesson

These lesson resources were inspired by two things – trying to do something new as a end of year task that is meaningful and encourages thinking as well as being asked to do a standalone lesson for the incoming Year 7s to give them a taste of History – interesting yet accessible. So I came up with these resources encouraging students to design a memorial or statue for an event of figure. A slide may need to be inserted into the PowerPoint if you want to encourage your students to think about what they have studied this year. However, the outline of the tasks with generic stimulus for thinking are all included here with starter, main task and plenary with an additional worksheet to encourage students to think about the different components and potential ways of getting a message across through a memorial or statue.

Statue memorial sheet

Statue memorial lesson

Using the Popplet app to summarise learning

Currently, I am researching apps for assisting students in creating their own notes and revision materials. Was recommended to explore the Popplet app – an app that creates attractive mind maps and spider diagrams that can contain text and images.

Was really impressed with this simple app. Although rather limited in terms of what it can create, it can create very attractive resources that can help organise notes and summarise large tracts of content. Extremely easy to use and navigate, with this app, you will soon be creating eye-catching summary resources which will help your students to grasp information.