Which step have you reached today? – a great poster for student reflection

Saw this poster on Twitter from @QuoteImages and thought it was a great resource for the classroom to use on display and to refer to when you want students to identify what stage they felt they had reached in your lesson – which they then had to explain why. Very much like the Progress Tree from Jim Smith’s Follow Me I’m Right Behind You – Progress the Lazy Way and, therefore, can be used like the Progress Tree as it is a fantastic visual representation of different stages of progress as well as emotions that students may feel in your lesson. This can also be a ready-made plenary –
• Which person on the staircase best represents your learning in this lesson?
• Which person represents a better position for you?
• What are you going to do to try and reach the top of the staircase next time if you are not there already?
• What is going to stop you falling to the bottom of the staircase?



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