Roman Army caption activity – homework or plenary activity

These caption resources require students to make judgements upon and explain the duties of various types of soldiers in the Roman Army. Great for a plenary or homework activity.





Gladiator Top Trumps cards

This resource is for my Year 7 groups. We are about to start studying gladiators and I am going to use the top trumps cards methods for them to think about the key strengths and weaknesses of different gladiators and be able to compare them. The resource below contains frameworks for six cards – five have the names of different gladiators on them while one is left blank so students can research one independently. Students also have to decide upon what categories they are going to use to measure the strengths and weaknesses. Alongside this I am going to use to resources for students to use as research – Rotten Romans from the Horrible Histories series and other is a great book called Gladiator – The Roman Fighter’s Manual by Philip Matyszak.

Gladiators Top Trumps