Tudors quiz

This resource is a visual quiz for a Key Stage Three introductory lesson on the Tudors. Designed to engage students to think about what they already know about the Tudors before they start their studies on this exciting topic.

Tudor monarchs quiz

MAry Quizes



Britain in the 19th century quiz

This resource is designed for a Key Stage Three class about to study the Britain, 1750-1900 topic. The PowerPoint presentation is a ten question quiz which touches on many aspects of Britain in the 19th century and a great way to start an initial lesson adding some fun and engagement.

Britain in the nineteenth century quiz

Victoria QUiz

Legacy of the Norman Conquest – significance visual activity

This visual resource helps students to consider the legacy of the Norman Conquest and the significance of different aspects of this legacy. The images are there for students to interpret the areas which they need to consider and they could identify each aspect thought the photograph and write a setence about them before considering their significance. They they can cut out the images and place them in order of importance.