Henry VIII’s divorce and the Break with Rome lesson materials

These lesson materials are designed for a Key Stage 3 class – hence I have called the situation a divorce rather than an annulment. The materials comprise of a PowerPoint which has a visual starter, key content and a choice of plenary and a worksheet which contains the main lesson task. The choice of plenaries can also be used as extension tasks.

Henry VIII and his Great Matter

Henry great matter worksheet Y8

Slavery Learning Grid

This learning grid is on the topic of slavery which I created today in preparation for a lesson tomorrow. Hope it is useful.

Slavery mixed doubles board

The pictures in the grid represent the following –

1. Thomas Golightly – Mayor of Liverpool and slave trader.
2. The Triangular Trade
3. Sugar
4. A whipped slave
5. Slave chains
6. A tightly packed ship
7. William Wilberforce
8. Slaves working on a plantation
9. Slaves on the Middle Passage
10. A slave auction
11. Clarkson’s box
12. Liverpool dock