Seva – Service in Sikhism lesson resources

These lesson resources, requested by my Year 8 class, focus on an RE lesson on Seva and the idea of service in Sikhism.

Seva and service

Service and Sikhism

Failure of the Spanish Armada visual hexagon activity

This visual hexagon activity focuses upon why the Spanish Armada failed in its attempt to invade England in 1588. Students should be encouraged to identify the images and how they link to the central question and then make links where each side of a hexagon touches the side of another hexagon. Great for a plenary session.


Why did William win at Hastings? – Lesson resources

These lesson resources focus upon a lesson enquiry on why did William win the Battle of Hastings. The resources include a PowerPoint presentation with key tasks, starter and plenary, a card sort for the first activity looking at the reasons and evidence for why William won at Hastings and a printable burger paragraph which students can use to help them scaffold their writing, taken from the School’s History Project’s new book Making Sense of History – 1066-1485 by Ian Dawson, Neil Bates, Alec Fisher and Richard McFahn which inspired much of this enquiry.

William wins at Hastings

Burger paragraph

Why did William win the Battle of Hastings in 1066 card sort

What was Elizabeth I really like? A source-based lesson – resources

My students requested that I put these lesson resources on the character of Elizabeth I on my blog. These lesson resoruces consist of a PowerPoint presentation which focuses upon the key ideas of propaganda, nature, origin and purpose of sources. The presentation contains a starter, lesson content, tasks and a plenary as well as three source analysis squares which are the focus on the main lesson activity.

Elizabeth I sources

Elizabeth Sources – Source evaluation 3 Elizabeth Sources – Source evaluation 2 Elizabeth Sources – Source evaluation 1

How did Harold Godwinson die? lesson resources

These lessons resources, for a Key Stage 3 class, focus on a source investigation on the question – How did Harold Godwinson die? The resources include five source analysis squares for the main lesson task, a PowerPoint presentation containing lesson content, tasks, a starter and a plenary – which can be in a separate file as a speech bubble exercise.

Death of Harold II

Harold SPeech 2

Death of Harold – Source evaluation 5

Death of Harold – Source evaluation 4

Death of Harold – Source evaluation 3

Death of Harold – Source evaluation 2

Death of Harold – Source evaluation 1