Make some bunting and celebrate some learning and progress

The end of term is always a challenge – students are tired, you are crawling towards the end of term and the temptation to reach for that DVD is almost overwhelming. However, never fear Jim Smith, that laziest of teachers is here to save the day. This idea came from one of Jim Smith’s tweets rather than from one of his excellent and inspiring books.


This last lesson of the term idea is for students to make bunting to celebrate their learning and progress during that term. Here you give each student a piece of card with a large triangle printed on it. This triangle will be the students contribution to the class bunting they are going to make. On their triangle, they must choose the most interesting idea/topic/facts/ anything that they have learned in your lesson during that term and draw/write/anything they like of that area of their learning on their triangle. For the more able child, they have to produce a double sided pennant.


What is produced is a whole variety of triangles showing different areas of what has been studied in an extremely creative range of ways – making a fabulous bunting feature to hang in your classroom to show student learning and progress.

Thanks Jim for the inspiration!

Where am I on the progress tree?

Progress tree

Another gem from my Signposting Progress workshop was the Progress Tree which I took/stole from Jim Smith’s wonderful Follow Me I’m Right Behind You – Whole School progress the Lazy Way. The progress tree picture is in the attachment above and this is how I use it –

The Progress Tree diagram is a fantastic visual representation of different stages of progress and how students may feel about their progress in your lesson. This is taken from Jim Smith’s Follow Me I’m Right Behind You – Whole School progress the Lazy Way. All my Key Stage 3 students have a copy of this diagram in their books with four questions beneath it, a ready-made plenary –• Which person in the tree best represents your learning in this lesson?
• Which person represents a better position for you?
• What are you going to do to try and reach the tree house next time if you are not there already?
• What is going to stop you falling out of the tree?