Why did the Germans resent the Treaty of Versailles lesson resources

These lesson resources focus upon how the Treaty of Versailles treated Germany and is written for a GCSE class. Some of the visual materials are taken from the wonderful SHP book Germany 1919-45 by Dale Banham and Christopher Culpin.

Germany and the Treaty of Versailles

Why did the British attack on the Somme fail visual hexagon resource

This visual hexagon activity focuses upon the reasons why the British attack on the Somme failed. Students should be encouraged to identify the images and how they link to the central question and then make links where each side of a hexagon touches the side of another hexagon. Great reviewing activity!


The impact of the First World War on the role of women in British society lesson resources

These lesson resources geared for a GCSE class focus on the impact the First World War had on the position of women in British society. This really looks at the key developments between 1918 and 1928 in this area. The resources are a PowerPoint presentation with a starter, plenary, main lesson content and tasks with a source analysis sheet for the extension task set in the PowerPoint.

Role of Women after the First World War

Source evaluation – the place of women after 1918

Recruitment and conscription during the First World War lesson resources.

These lesson resources are designed for a GCSE class and cover the key developments in recruitment and conscription during the First World War. The PowerPoint presentation covers a starter, key content, main tasks and a choice of plenary with two source evaluation matrixes.

Recruitment and Conscription during the First World War

Source evaluation – Recruitment 1

Source evaluation – Recruitment 2