Dispersal and shelters – the impact of the Blitz on civilians lesson resources

These resources are for a lesson on the impact of the Blitz on civilians in London.

Connection map – Impact of the Blitz

Blitz and Civilians


Last minute revision strategies presentation

My students asked me to put this presentation on last minute revision strategies on my blog to share. The presentation focuses on revision strategies that take little time to implement but can make a huge impact on the application and recall of information. Hope it is useful to teachers who might want to make a similar presentation to their students.

Revision Techniques – Year 10


Connection Maps

Connection Maps are a classic lesson strategy and an ideal way to summarise and make connections within a topic on a single sheet of paper. Additionally, preparing these tasks takes no time at all. Bonus!

What are they?

Connection Maps are a collection of key words relevant to a single topic – these could be people, events, years or policies – which are written/typed on a sheet of A4 or A3 paper and are scattered across the document with spaces between them.

How does the activity work?

Students are asked first whether they understand the key words on the sheet and their relevance to the topic. Once this has been established, students are asked to make connections between the different key terms by drawing a line between the relevant words and writing a short explanation of the link on or beside the line. Students should make as many connections as they can on the sheet. These links can be then shared in a class discussion.

Connection Map


Connection Maps can be used as a collaborative activity where you can pin up around your classroom Connection Maps that cover a large topic – preferably A3 size – and students can independently go around the classroom adding connections on each map. Once completed as a class, students can record the collective class responses by either taking a photo of each on their ‘phones or [if you have time] give each students an A4 copy of Each Connection Map and they have to summarise the class responses on their own copy. This is a great addition to a revision session.

To add differentiation to the Connection Map activity, you can ask students to colour code their links dependent on how many key words they add together. By colour coding their links you can easily see how far students have challenged themselves in making as many complex connections as possible. Here you can challenge your more able students to make connections between as many key terms as possible, with the ultimate challenge of connection ALL the key terms together in a single chain.

Please find below electronic copies of the Connection Maps I make on the Cold War topic. However, these can be easily adapted for any topic and for any subject.

Connection map – Origins of the Cold War

Connection map – Cuban Missile Crisis

Connection map – Cold War 1950s

Connection map – Cold War 1980s

Connection map – Détente