Structure strips for Edexcel GCSE Modern Depth Study

These structure strips cover all the different types of questions that come up in the GCSE Modern Depth Study – which I teach the Weimar and Nazi Germany topic. They have proved very useful when preparing students for assignments and assessment and hope they are equally useful to others.

Structure strips – Inference 4 markers

Structure strips – Explain 12 markers

Structure strips – Interpretation differences 4 markers

Structure strips – Source Usefulness 8 markers

Structure strips – Why interpretations differ 4 markers

Structure strips – Agree with Interpretaton 16 markers



Structure strips for Edexcel GCSE British Depth Paper

I have had some requests to share structure strips for specific questions for the GCSE examinations. Here are structure strips for the three different questions which make up the British Depth GCSE Paper for Edexcel, for which I teach the Early Elizabethan topic.

Structure strips – narrative 4 markers

Structure strips – Explain 12 markers

Structure strips – Judgement 16 markers


Design a totem pole – an induction activity

Design a totem pole is a great induction activity which encourages students to share their strengths and characteristics with their new classmates. Inspired by the University of the First Age, the task is summarised on the slide below which can be copied and given to students as ,small cards. 

Additional preparation for this task could be to show students images of totem poles to ensure they know what they look like. Also, the meanings for various images and animals used in totem poles could be given to students, they are readily available online, such as –, or on Pinterest, which can be easily copied.