Induction and icebreaker task cards

Next year will see me take on a new Year 7 form and finding engaging ways to get to know your form is essential in making an effective and efficient start. During the induction process which begins in the Summer Term, I set my new form a task for them to complete over the summer. The primary aim of the task is for student to display and promote something good about themselves. However, setting such a task also helps all students get used to the concept of homework straight away.

This year, I have created five attractive induction task cards for students to choose from and take away to complete over the summer. Most of these activities produce an outcome which can be used for a display, which is something I usually do for my form. Having such a display in the form room creates an immediate sense of belonging for students. When setting the induction task, tell the students of your intention of producing such a display of the best work from the form as this should encourage many to take more care and pride over their work. Good luck!