Creating independent learners poster

The teaching and learning focus for this term at school is developing independent learning in lessons. Having been asked to take a leading role in this CPD for all staff, I began by summarising some tips and pointers for teachers in this Keynote presentation. Keynote is a great app and was highlighted recently by @ICTEvangelist and @87History on Twitter as an excellent presentation tool. This poster is to be presented in all classrooms at school as the first stage of developing awareness of developing independent learning. I hope it is of use to others.


2 thoughts on “Creating independent learners poster

  1. Thanks for this John. Great to see how you took the idea and made this great poster with it. For your readers, the blog post you mention can be found here:

    With your permission, could I have a copy of your Keynote slide to create a post about margins and white space?

    • Thanks for your kind words and support, Mark. Yes, of course, please do use the poster and I would be very interested about ideas about using white space and margins.

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