Cold War counterfactual question cards 

This resources was inspired by Russel Tarr’s brilliant new book – A History Teaching Toolbox. In the book, Tarr discusses in depth the use of counterfactual scenarios in lessons, I won’t go into depth here as you really need to buy the book to read the exploration of this idea in depth. However, I thought that the use of counterfactual questions would be a great way to stretch and challenge my Y10 class as there many able students in the group who would appreciate such a challenging thinking task. With this in mind, I have created a number of counterfactual question cards for students to use and present in lessons as an extension challenge. This can also be used as an alternative revision task or homework exercise.

4 thoughts on “Cold War counterfactual question cards 

  1. These are excellent! Can I use them in my classroom? If so, how do I access them? (I tell the pupils I teach History for a reason, technology passes me by! 😁)

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