Rise of Hitler factor cards

These cards cover the different factors explaining the rise of Hitler. This resource can be used in a number of ways, I am going to use them by giving copies of each card to the students and they have to arrange them in a significance pyramid.

Other ways which the event cards could be used are – 

  • Revision game when the cards are dealt out equally. Students then have to successfully describe the factor on their card in a limited time and/or a given word limit.
  • Another revision game is where students have to guess which factor is on each other’s card by asking a limited set of questions which can only be answered yes or no.
  • The event cards can be used as dominoes where cards can be played like dominoes but where each card touches a link has to be explained and agreed by the players.
  • The event cards could be used as part of a diamond nine exercise.


5 thoughts on “Rise of Hitler factor cards

  1. These resources are excellent & thank you for sharing……could you tell me how you make the cards?


  2. Thank you – I’ll give it a try

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