Weimar and Nazi Germany event cards

These event cards give a broad overview of the Weimar and Nazi Germany topic. This resource can be used in a number of ways, I am going to use em in my first lesson introducing the topic by giving copies of each card to the students and they have to find out when each event happens and write a sentence summary.

Other ways which the event cards could be used are – 

  • Revision game when the cards are dealt out equally. Students then have to successfully describe the event on their card in a limited time and/or a given word limit. 
  • Another revision game is where students have to guess which event is on each other’s card by asking a limited set of questions which can only be answered yes or no.
  • The event cards could be used to construct a visual timeline.
  • The event cards can be used as dominoes where cards can be played like dominoes but where each card touches a link has to be explained and agreed by the players.
  • The event cards could bed as part of a diamond nine exercise.


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