Making your lessons RING with engagement

In the past I have tweeted about Dave Keeling’s RING principle with regard to lesson engagement and choosing activities which are effective and memorable. This has always garnered questions asking for further elaboration and I thought it would make an effective post to give further detail.

RING stands for

What this means for lessons and activities is –

Make your lessons RELEVANT – therefore within lessons and activities making explicit the relevance of the content to student’s lives and how it is relevant to any assessed pieces of work. This also relates to the skills they are developing and honing which is highly important. With this in mind, you are addressing the crucial element of ‘what is in it for me?’ for students.

Make your lessons INTERESTING – here presenting lesson materials in an attention grabbing way promoting curiosity and engagement is important in ensuring students are interested and wanting to learn.

Make your lessons NAUGHTY – what is meant here is not pushing the accepted boundaries of taste but more pushing the boundaries of learning and willing to be daring and trying something new. Who wants to have a lessons that contains the same tired old activities and strategies that students’ have seen time and time again. Be willing to be daring and try new activities – if some don’t work, try something else, if you find something works then you are on a winner.

Make your lessons a GIGGLE – without doubt if students are engaged and enjoying the learning then they are willing to learn more but also lessons becomes a less painful and stressful business. The more students enjoy learning, the more their confidence will soar – and that is worth aiming for.

As Dave Keeling says, having one of these elements will probably mean that students will remember most of what you have taught, but to have all four mean that they will never forget it – and that is what teaching is all about.

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