Who is in your football XI? A great homework or review activity

This activity was inspired by Hugh Nelson [@CheneyLearning] who, during the recent #UKedchat on History teaching, asked the question ‘who would be in your Tudor football XI? This simple question got me thinking that this could be applied in so many ways in different subjects that I am sure could make the basis of an interesting class discussion, homework activity or plenary.

For instance, who would be in your First World War football XI? discussion could involve which weapons should be used in defence and which ones in attack. Who would hold the midfield is another question.

Another question could be which US Presidents would make up a football XI? Which presidents were attacking in nature, who were neutral but also who saved US from poverty or disaster – they could be in goal.

An extension to this activity could be – who would be captain? Who would you make the manager of your team?

Below is a worksheet which students can record their answers and can be used for a homework task.

Football first XI

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