Beginnings of the Cold War – 1945-49 independent learning menu

Another menu to encourage independent learning, this time the topic is on the beginnings of the Cold War covering the events between 1945 and 1949.

The beginnings of the Cold War menu plan

Blankety Blank in your lesson

Have used the simple idea of Blankety Blank as a lesson starter recently with Year 10 and it has worked really well. Using quotes from key people relevant to the lesson or other such relevant phrases, like Blankety Blank, students have to guess the correct word to complete the phrase. In a twist to this, you could also invite students to suggest alternatives – however, some answers could stretch the bounds of taste, so beware …..

Blankety Blank examples

How to write great History mat – superb resource to support literacy

This blog post is a first – a request from my students about a resource I used today. I have used Dale Banham’s how to write great History mat a few times with my exam classes. They have found it a great help in formulating sentences and structuring their answers. Today. my Year 12s requested that I put it on my blog so they can access it easily. So a massive thanks to Dale Banham for creating this resource – it has been invaluable to my students and has made a huge impact on the quality of their writing and given them confidence to write effectively.

How to – in History