Reflections on Beaumont TeachMeet – 8th November 2013

With increasing budget cuts for schools in recent years, this has had the knock on effect of limiting CPD opportunities, such as being allowed to go on expensive one day courses in a luxury hotel in Central London. Therefore, teachers have had to look for alternative, and perhaps more creative, opportunities to grow and develop their own teaching practice. From this, there has been over the last couple of years a boom in teaching literature from experienced practitioners, such as Jim Smith and David Didau as well as blogging on a variety of levels. However, perhaps the most exciting development has been the trend for schools to hold ‘TeachMeets’ – informal meetings for teachers to network, share good practice and ideas.

For the first time ever, Beaumont School in St. Albans grasped the initiative and held the first TeachMeet by a state school in Hertfordshire, and I volunteered as quick as possible to participate. I was so glad I did despite the fact it has held on a dark, wet Friday evening when most of my mates were warm and comfortable in a local hostelry. Beaumont School has developed an enthusiastic and forward looking group of teachers who have formed the Beaumont School Teaching and Learning Team and it was they who led the TeachMeet which was overseen by Joanna Cavanagh – @JoCav. For further information on this group’s work as well as a detailed overview of the event, do visit their website – – which is a developing area of sharing great practice and good ideas which are always credited with the original source so you can find out more.

Without doubt, the TeachMeet was a success with 70 teachers from a range of Hertfordshire Schools sharing good practice in a warm and encouraging atmosphere. Highlights included –

Gemma Harvey’s [@GemmaHarvey73] presentation on the value of Twitter as a CPD tool.
Simon Warburton’s [@Simon_Warburton] presentation on the application of Google Form’s as an aid to teaching and administration.
Caroline Creaby’s {@CarolineCreaby] presentation of a passport to check progress and learning.

There was so much more and all these presentations can be found at – But the real value of the meeting was to meet with teachers from other schools who were like minded in wanting to find new ideas and improve their practice. This generous and positive atmosphere was fostered by the Beaumont School’s Teaching and Learning Team, who deserved a full measure of credit for the success for this event. I look forward to attending their next event!


2 thoughts on “Reflections on Beaumont TeachMeet – 8th November 2013

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