Talking chips – a useful tool to help direct chatty students

Talking Chips was something I came across a while ago and it works very well in helping to combat low level disruptive behaviour. Excessive chatty students can be tiresome to deal with and a distraction for the class. Talking chips are cards [see attachment for a set of cards], which you give to a student who is distracting others with excessive chat. I usually give a student three Talking Chips to start off with then increase them as a reward if they comply with this strategy – this is after I have introduced this on a one to one basis. These cards can be easily personalised which gives the impression to the student that this is just for them – great for morale and relationship building.

A student with a Talking Chip is only allowed to make a contribution in class if they decide to spend it by handing over the Talking Chip to you or a TA. Three Talking Chips per lesson for a student to start off with is advisable. This then encourages the student to think more carefully before speaking and turns it into a bit of a game which is a much better alternative than trying to tackle the chatting issue in a more confrontation manner. I have found this great for dealing low level behaviour which can such a distraction and a drain on your energy.

Talking Chips


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