Caption competition – a useful starter or plenary activity

When teaching source skills in History, it can be a challenge to get students to go beyond the surface features of the meaning of the source, So often, students ignore the caption of a cartoon or fail to dig deeply when looking at a slogan of a propaganda poster, therefore missing vital information for analysis. This quick exercise aims to promote students awareness of captions and slogans by erasing them from a source and asking students to either predict when the correct slogan or caption is or [even better in my view] come up with their own. In doing this, this promotes discussion of the meaning of slogans and captions, thereby raising student awareness of this vital source of information as well as introducing a little bit of creativity and fun into the mix.

The resource below is a selection of visual sources on the topic of the Rise of Hitler with blanked out captions and slogans. I am going to use this in September as an activity to revisit sources that we have studied before the summer holidays.

Caption Competition – Nazi topic


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