An example of a Gallery Walk lesson – medieval villages

Gallery Walks or, as Steve Garnett called them, Pictures from Memory, is a great strategy if you have room and time to set up. This activity takes a little more time to set up compared with many other tasks from the Lazy Teacher strategy that I often use.

This lesson was for Year 7 students on the key features of a medieval village. The lesson began with a discussion on what they thought might be included in a medieval village. Then students were divided into pairs and gave themselves the title of A or B. The Galley Walk task was then outlined with person A going outside the classroom and looking at one of the 8 identical diagrams of a medieval village posted in the corridor for a minute. After a minute they would return to the classroom to their partner and then describe the diagram of the medieval village which person B would draw from the description – this would be time limited to one minute. This would be repeated 4 or 5 times with two students appointed as Learning Spies checking that no cheating was going on.

Once the drawing was finished, it would be marked in accordance to a mark scheme highlighted on the board. Then students would design a medieval village of their own based on what they have learned. Then a plenary based on the Learning Grids which allow for students to show their learning in lots of different ways.

Medieval village diagram

Medieval village


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