Student self-evaluating exam performance resource

This resource was inspired by Neil Smith’s The History Teacher’s Handbook, which is a very useful guide to key issues in teaching History. From this, I saw a resource that encouraged students to evaluate their own performance in mock examinations. In the days now when OFSTED are specifically looking at teachers creating a ‘learning dialogue’ with their students in their exercise books, this resource is another tool to create that ‘learning dialogue’ meaningfully and easily. The resource encourages students to record a breakdown of their exam result and then reflect on this by recording what they did well and what they need to improve upon. Based upon this, students then set themselves a target for each paper. For my students they will be able to do this by reading my comments on their marked work and from the mark scheme. Once completed, students sign them, you take them in and sign them to acknowledge that you have read them – I will add a comment by each target to approve or suggest amendment.

Evaluation of Year 10 mock performance sheet

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