Richard Dimbleby’s report on his visit to Belsen – a superb Holocaust resource

I used this account today [link found at the bottom of this description] to introduce the topic of the Holocaust to my Year 9 students today. It is Richard Dimbleby’s account of discovering Belsen in April 1945. It was first broadcast on 19th Aoril 1945 – two weeks before the end of the Second World War in Europe. The story behind this report deserves attention – Dimbleby was with British and American soldiers when they discovered the concentration camp at Belsen. He filed a report to the BBC, who refused to believe the extent of the report, such was the shocking content. Dimbleby threatened to resign and take the report to the newspapers if the report was not broadcast. Such was Dimbleby’s standing, the report was broadcast for fear of losing him rather than suppresing the story at first. My Year 9 class were deeply moved by this report – the first on the Holocaust to be broadcast by the BBC in Britain. Well worth using such a valuable account.


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