Was Chamberlain brave or a coward? A lesson in cartoon interpretations

In preparation for the next Year 9 assessment which is on the causes of the Second World War in cartoons, I have created these resources based on appeasement and the Munich Agreement. The aim of the lesson is for students to know the arguments for and against appeasement and explore the different arguments through cartoons which offer alternative interpretations.

The PowerPoint goes through the key points of appeasement and the arguments for and against. Then three cartoon sources are examined. There are three worksheets that accompany this which students need to fill in. These worksheets aim to help students unwrap the meaning of the cartoons and analyse their meanings. Once this has been completed students then need to reach a substantiated judgement on which cartoon is the most convincing.

Hope you find these resources useful.

Chamberlain and appeasement

The Munich Agreement cartoon

Appeasement cartoon 2

Appeasement cartoon task

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