What’s inside my head? – a quick and easy plenary

This is activity involves the teaching thinking of a key word/event/idea related to a topic. The person/people who are doing the guessing need to write 1/2/3 on a piece of paper. The person who is giving the clues asks the group to guess the key word/event/idea they are thinking of by giving three clues to the answer. On each clue, the group members write down beside their 1, 2, 3 what they think the word is. The clues range from the very broad to the last that is highly focused. Each clue is a separate round.

Key event – Dunkirk Evacuation
Clue one – Event in the Second World War.
Clue two – Happened in 1940
Clue three – Involved the BEF crossing the English Channel.


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