The Perfect OFSTED Lesson by Jackie Beere – a review

This is quite simply a little gem of a book. Jackie Beere offers us a step by step guide to preparing as rigorously as possible for an OFSTED inspection while giving us a toolkit of teaching strategies that can be used throughout your teaching rather than a trick up the sleeve because you are being observed. This book is part of a series of ‘little books’ produced by Independent Thinking – all of which are extremely useful but this is its jewel in the crown.

The book is concise and can be read [and re-read] quickly. It is full of tips, ideas and quotes which one can implement easily. The book is structured around seven steps and if you work to these principles then you cannot go wrong. Perhaps the most popular idea is adding DIRT to your lessons or as Jim Smith calls it – a DIRTY lesson. I shall leave you to read the book to find out what that means. If you want a more detailed idea of the content of the book then go to as they have a hugely useful article on this book.

Perhaps the real value of the book was a month after I read it I went through an OFSTED inspection and was observed as well as interviewed twice. This book prepared me thoroughly and I managed to get an outstanding judgement based on the principles this book was promoting. This updated version to cover the 2012 OFSTED changes and covers the key principles of demonstrating progress, the use of TAs and ideas about how to cover all elements of the new version of an outstanding lesson. An invaluable resource. I would also highly recommend the follow up book The Perfect OFSTED inspection which places this book in wider context.


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