Evaluation wheel – a student voice activity

Being Student Voice co-ordinator at my school, I am investigating and creating different resources to promote and record student voice. So often we can resort to the quick questionnaire and this can become repetitive for students who then may respond negatively or barely at all. This then become as waste of time for all concerned.

One method, I have come across and used with my students is the evaluation wheel promoted by Andy Griffith in his new book Engaging Learners as well as on his CPD course Project Based Learning. This method allows students to measure their thinking on a variety of aspects or features of a topic, sequence of lessons or activity in two ways. The inner wheel is designed for the wedges to be coloured in in accordance to how successful they have achieved each aspect. The outer wheel is designed for students to explain why they have assessed themselves or activity in the way that they have as well as record suggestions on how they can improve in each area.

This is, I have found, a very handy and thoughtful way of recording student voice which can be stuck into students’ exercise books signposting to inspectors that you have taken into account their views. Alternatively you can collect the responses in and assess how the students have felt about the activities that they have encountered in your lessons.


evaluation wheel framework


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