Getting the students to write using the IDE formula

It is quite clear from the GCSE History mark schemes that there is a ladder of key skills that students have to climb to reach the higher levels. These skills are

– Identify
– Describe
– Explain
– Evaluate

Trying to get students to include all these elements in their writing throughout the exam performance is a real challenge but it ust always start with students being able to talk about these elements and what they mean before they actually can confidently write including these features. Then they must be able to identify each element in a paragraph which they can replicate in terms of style and deployment of knowledge. Getting students to remember these elements, I created the IDE formula or principle as a quick and easy way to remember these key skills which they must be able to master at GCSE level.

With this is mind, I produced this guide sheet which I use frequently with my students as a reference point and I am then confident that all students have at least this to refer to when they are practicing exam questions. Hope you find this sheet useful.

IDE principle


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