Rory’s Story Cubes – a gem of a resource

I came across Rory’s Story Cubes by complete accident when they appeared by the till at my local Waterstones. On a whim, I brought a set and I am so glad I did. Rory’s Story Cubes are a set of nine cubes with an image on each side of the cube, making 54 images in each set. The images range from a pair of glasses to a rocket. The game advertised on the packaging is that a player rolls the dice and has to come up with a story which includes all nine images. Creative in itself, these cubes can be used for so much more.



I presented this resource to the Outstanding Teaching CPD group I am leading at the moment and it was clear that not only were the Story Cubes hugely popular but there were many ways that they could be used in different subjects. English was an obvious ne for the storytelling element. however MFL could use them for vocab work in that a student rolls a die and then tries to find the relevant word in the language studied. For History, which is my subject, a task could be set such as design a Civil War recruitment poster – you only have 20 words to use on your poster…. however, roll the dice and whichever image comes up, students have to include the image or its word within the 20 word limit. This encourages students to think laterally and adds a twist to an otherwisw potentially mundane activity.

There are three sets – an starter, generic set, a set based on voyages and another on actions. What is an added bonus is that some of the images – particularly the images set – are open to interpretation [like the one pictured below] and add to the discussion – as it did during our CPD meeting.


Overall, a highly recommended teaching resource which adds engagement and interest to tasks and helps raise student curiousity. Good news is that I understand more expansion packs will be on their way in 2013! If you want to include this as your ICT provision, Rory’s Story Cubes are available as an app on the iphone. It is a great little app and if linked to a IWB adds a little sparkle to your lessons as it is a polished app and will, like the cubes, add to student engagement.


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